Status der Anarchistischen Tage Potsdam

Hello dear people,

As the blog here shows, and as you may have noticed as well, there were no Anarchist Days last year. Although it would certainly have been feasible, under the conditions of the pandemic state of emergency we simply did not get the resources mobilised to get the events off the ground. We as the organising team regret this very much.

But: We nevertheless got together at the end of the year to get the A-Days rolling again. So we are currently crafting an event for 2021! The event period will probably be in September 2021, in the hope of being able to organise live events then. But to prepare for all eventualities, we are gearing up to stream everything online as well.

If you are interested, have questions or suggestions, please write to us:

Until then, don’t let it get you down and keep fighting!